BlueAssist logo. Blue background with white text saying BlueAssist: Dare To Connect. The logo is a drawing of a person with a question mark above their head. The dot of the question mark forms the head of the person.

Welcome to BlueAssist UK   

The charity that makes sure every voice is heard. No matter who you are, we believe in daring to connect.  

What is BlueAssist?

BlueAssist is a symbol, set of tools and social ethos that believes everyone should have the right to be treated with dignity and respect when communicating.  BlueAssist started 11 years ago, with an original focus on supporting people with hidden disabilities. Over the last decade we realised that the tools and symbols supported more groups than just disabled people. There are many reasons why communication can become harder or stigmatised and BlueAssist supports people from a wide cross section of society

Photograph of Barbara, Chair of Trustees, at a Trade Fair, There is a BlueAssist banner behind Barbara. She is wearing a BlueAssist polo shirt and a black jacket. She is standing behind a table with BlueAssist merchandise on it.

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